Al Mashreq

H2S Safety Awareness

Program Objectives

																			H2S is present at many facilities in the petroleum industry and must be managed and controlled to minimize risks. This 1-day course is designed for personnel who need to increase their safety awareness of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in their workplace and explore ways to mitigate their exposure and their colleagues’ exposure.

Program Contents

																			•	Introduction, Definitions and Origin of H2S 
•	Physical and Chemical Properties of H2S 
•	Human Anatomy and Physiology 
•	Routes of Entry and Exposure to H2S
•	Toxicity and Effects of H2S on People 
•	H2S First Aid Treatment 
•	Air Detection and Monitoring H2S 
•	Flammability and Fire Hazard Controls
•	Breathing Apparatus and other Personal Protective Equipment
•	H2S Safety Practices and MSDS Hazard Communication
•	H2S Emergency Response and Training
•	Practical Exercises


Assessment and Certification

																			After successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a Al Mashreq Training Certificate of Completion.