Al Mashreq

International Building Code - Facilitator : Amal Awwad


																			This 2-day workshop is a must for all professionals who plan, design, review, or inspect projects conforming to the requirements of International building Code (IBC). Determining a project's fire and life safety requirements can be more than overwhelming. This workshop aims at providing an efficient approach to determine such requirements, and goes beyond the specific code language to indicate why words say what they say. Topics covered in the workshop will include occupancy classification, special use requirements, building's height and area, types of construction, fire and smoke protection features, fire protection systems, means of egress, elevators requirements, exterior wall and roof requirements.

Program Objectives

																			• Guidance on best practices for Code analysis, and implementation of Code
• Going beyond the Code Language, indicating intent and interpretation of Code


Program Contents

																			• Briefing about building codes, and how the implementation of a recognized model code such as international building Code (IBC) will contribute to the safety of a building.
• Code Language, intent, interpretations. 
 Building Identification
• Occupancy Classification
• Allowable Area & Height
• Special use and Occupancy
• Automatic Sprinkler System
• Type of Construction

Fire and Smoke protection Features
• Fire resistance ratings and tests
• Fire walls
• Fire barriers
• Fire partitions
• Smoke barriers
• Smoke partitions
• Floor and Horizontal assemblies
• Shafts
• Vertical Openings

Fire Protection Systems
• Automatic Sprinkler System
• Alternative Automatic Extinguishing Systems
• Standpipe Systems
• Portable Fire Extinguishers
• Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
• Emergency Alarm System
• Smoke Control Systems
• Smoke and heat removal
• Fire Command Center
• Carbon Monoxide Detection

Means of Egress
• Means of Egress Segments
• General requirements
• Occupant load and Exit Width calculations 
• Number of Exits and arrangement
• Accessible means of Egress
• Means of Egress Components
• Means of Egress Illumination

Exterior wall Requirements
• Weather Protection               
• Structural Requirements
• Fire resistance requirements          
• Flame propagation            
• Flood resistance           
• Combustibility resistance of exterior finish

Roof Assemblies Requirements
• Weather Protection               
• Performance Requirements
• Fire Classification
• Materials
• Requirements for roof coverings
• Roof insulation Requirements
• Radiant barrier requirements
• Rooftop structures requirements
• Reroofing

Elevators and Conveying systems
• Hoistway enclosures protection
• Opening Protection
• Elevator Lobbies
• Fire Service Elevator

Workshop will include a step by step exercise, applying IBC requirements to a Building


Assessment and Certification

																			On successful completion of the workshop, the participant will receive an attendance certificate from American Society of Safety Professionals. 

Target Audience

																			Professionals who plan, design, review, or inspect projects conforming to the requirements of International building Code (IBC)