Highfield Level 2 Award in Understanding Infection Prevention and Control in Health and Care Settings


																			This qualification is designed for those learners wishing to gain a nationally recognised qualification
in the prevention and control of infections within health and care settings. This may be staff who
require a refresher/CPD training or learners working towards/new to the sector. 

Program Objectives

																			The objective of this qualification is to support roles found in health and care settings, such as care
homes, health centres, surgeries, childcare facilities and day centres, in the principles of infection
prevention and control.
The qualification provides learners with the basic knowledge and understanding of:
• the common health care associated infections
• the chain of infection
• the importance of correct handwashing procedures
• the personal protective equipment role
• linen management
• the decontamination process
• blood and bodily fluids spill management
• correct sharp management
• waste management and associated risks
• the different roles and responsibilities within health and care settings

Program Contents

																			hese include types of pathogenic organisms, common health care associated Infections, the chain of infection, correct handwashing, standard/universal procedures for infection prevention and control. The correct management of spills, linen and waste, roles and responsibilities in preventing infection and standard infection control procedures.

Assessment and Certification

																			This qualification is graded as Pass or Fail.
This qualification is assessed by a multiple-choice question (MCQ) examination, which is externally
set and externally assessed. This method of assessment is an end-of-course examination and must
follow the Highfield Examination and Invigilation Procedures. During the assessment, learners are
required to choose 1 of the prescribed options to answer a set examination questions. The
examination for this qualification contains 40 questions that must be completed within 1 hour.
Successful learners will have to demonstrate knowledge and understanding across the qualification
syllabus and achieve a minimum pass mark of 70% - 28/40

Target Audience

																			This qualification has been developed for anyone needing to learn the principles and knowledge of how to prevent and control the spread of infection in the health and care setting. This may include learners wishing to work in the sector and/or those requiring refresher training/CPD in infection prevention and control. This qualification covers the knowledge found in standard 15 of the care certificate.

Entry Requirements

																			To register for this qualification, learners are required to meet the following entry requirements:
• be 14 years of age or above