National Safety Council

NSC Behavioral Based Safety


																			In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to apply behavioral based safety to improve safety performance. This material is derived both from years of practical experience and focused research; the strategies and techniques are sound and effective when properly applied. You will learn about common misconceptions in behavioral-based safety, common problems with traditional safety efforts, and how organizations can overcome these problems.
This workshop includes stories, real life examples, and case studies that will help you illustrate the effective ideas in your organization. 


Program Objectives

																			The 3-day National Safety Council Behaviour Based Safety program focuses on human behaviour. Upon completion of the workshop delegates will be able to:

•	Define and understand that a positive safety culture is required in order for a BBS program to be effective
•	Define the essentials elements of a positive safety culture
•	Define the benefits of a world class safety culture
•	Recognize whether their own organizations have a world class safety culture
•	Delegates will understand the importance of leadership in the process and how to get Senior Management involvement and commitment
•	Delegates will be shown how to engage workers through the process of contact and observation
•	Delegates will be able to develop metrics to measure human performance
•	Delegates will gain a basic understanding of  human psychological theories which help explain behavior
•	Delegates will understand the Human Factors and to be able to apply psychological knowledge to address health and safety issues in the workplace
•	Delegates will be able to recognize safe and at-risk behaviors and to be able to identify Critical Behaviors
•	Delegates will understand the importance of standard operating procedures 
•	Attendees will understand that they can utilize external providers of BBS programs, buy packaged programs or design their own low cost programs
•	Delegates will understand how to implement safety observations and how to deal with at-risk behaviors and communicate results of observations
•	Delegates will be able to use Human Factor evaluations as part of the risk assessment processes
•	Delegates will be shown examples of a variety of BBS programs including the People Based Safety program, Canadian Best Practice, and Exxon-MOBIL safety excellence program etc
•	Delegates will be familiar with a variety of recording forms and documents and observation formats   


Program Contents

																			The Behaviour-Based Safety program will be taught over  three (3) days. The outline for the BBS course is:
 Introduction – National Safety Council, Course Participants and Delegates 
•	Module 1 Strategies for creating a Safety Culture 
•	Module 2 Leadership and Safety Culture 
•	Module 3 Employee Involvement through Safety Contact and observation 
•	Module 4 Measuring Program success 
•	Module 5 Continuous Improvement and Safety Culture 
•	Module 6 Motivation Studies 
•	Module 7 Human Factors and Behavior Based Safety 
•	Module 8 Case Studies 
-	Best Practice in BBS in Canada 
-	People Based Safety 
-	Exxon Mobil Safety Excellence Process  
-	Other relevant cases 
•	Module 9   Behavioral Based Safety Forms, Documentation and Results 
•	Module 10 Closure and Back to Work Actions 


Assessment and Certification

																			After successful completion of the course and assessment, candidates will be awarded the Behavioral Based Safety Certificate from the US National Safety Council.

Target Audience

																			Managers, Supervisors, Safety Officers or any one want to learn how observe and coach his employees regarding safety matters.

Entry Requirements

																			1.	Applicant must meet necessary standards of English language.
2.	Applicants are preferred to complete an IOSH Working Safely or equivalent course.