National Safety Council

NSC Safety Training Methods (STM)


Whether you're coordinating training development, purchasing materials from vendors, contracting with trainers, or conducting training yourself -- you'll find this course valuable. 
Safety Training Methods is a course that focuses on the knowledge and skills required to assess your training needs, as well as plan, organize, create, and deliver performance-based safety and health training programs. While emphasis is on developing and delivering instructor-lead/classroom training, you'll become acquainted with other instructional methods and media used to effectively train employees on safety and health issues. 

This course is a challenging and interactive learning experience. Combined with information, numerous group and independent learning activities provide opportunities to apply newly learned concepts to a variety of safety and health training scenarios. 


Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Safety Training Methods course, you'll be able to 
Improve the safety performance of your workforce.  
Make educated decisions about the safety and health training needs of your workforce -- needs analysis, performance objectives, instructional strategy and methods, content, media, delivery, evaluation, and costs. 


Program Contents

Module 1:	Impacting Performance in the Safety & Health Setting
Module 2:	Analyzing Training & Non-Training Problems
Module 3:	Addressing Adult Learning Needs
Module 4:	Assessing Training Needs
Module 5:	Writing Performance Objectives & Evaluating Learning Progress
Module 6: 	Developing Preliminary Content
Module 7:	Identifying Instructional Strategy & Methods
Module 8:	Using Facilitation Skills & Handling Difficult Situations
Module 9:	Selecting, Designing, & Using Media
Module 10:	Developing the Training Program
Module 11:	Delivering the Training Program:  Preparation, Presentation,
	              & Evaluation
Module 12:	Calculating Training Costs
Module 13:	Planning Future Training Efforts


Assessment and Certification

After successful completion of the course and assessment, candidates will be awarded the Safety Training Methods Certificate from the NU National Safety Council.

Target Audience

If you are a manager, supervisor, human resource representative, or employee who is responsible for the planning, development and/or delivery of safety and health training programs, attend the Safety Training Methods course.

Entry Requirements

																			1.	Applicant must meet necessary standards of English language.
2.	Applicants are preferred to complete an IOSH Working Safely or equivalent course.