NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work Qualification


The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Qualification provides a perfect introduction to health and safety in the workplace.

The qualification covers the principles of health and safety rather than specific law. Its focus is on common workplace hazards and how to identify and control them. The qualification includes a practical requirement to carry out a risk assessment.

No prior knowledge is required, and the content is relevant wherever you work around the world. This means it is accessible to all. 

There is also the option to tailor content covering specific hazards and risks faced by a company or sector.

Our qualifications are developed based on extensive research with health and safety professionals, employers, professional bodies and regulators to ensure that they remain relevant, rigorous as well as achievable and practical.

You will be assessed on your ability to apply your skills and knowledge to a wide range of issues and how to deliver positive change to a real workplace.


Program Objectives

This new qualification will benefit organisations who are seeking to implement a health and safety management system. It will ensure their workforce and in particular supervisory staff can apply the principles of risk assessment and control of common workplace hazards.

Up skilling your workforce in risk assessment can help reduce the number of accidents in the workplace, improving staff morale, and resulting in costs savings for the business.

The four day course programme can be run in a number of flexible formats to fit around your business needs; either in-house or at training centres around the globe.
The practical assessment format means that delegates will start putting their learning into practice in the workplace right away.
This introductory qualification is aimed at anyone who needs to understand the principles of health and safety as part of their job.  


Program Contents

This qualification covers the basic health and safety principles and practices essential in the workplace. These include: 
•	Understanding risk assessments and control strategies;
•	Applying these control strategies to a number of common workplace hazards, including fire, electrical, transport and manual handling.                 

A practical risk assessment gives you the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained during the course.  

The qualification is divided into two units:
•	Unit HSW1: Workplace safety foundations
•	Unit HSW2: Risk assessment activity

The syllabus is mapped to the Health and Safety (PROHSS) units.
Further details can be found in the syllabus guide which can be downloaded in the Resources section below. 
The syllabus is mapped to the Health and Safety (PROHSS) units. This is maintained on a database which is managed by Skills Development Scotland


Assessment and Certification

Students are assessed by a multiple-choice examination and a practical risk assessment. Each assessment tests your understanding of the course and the risk assessment tests your ability to put this into practice.

Students need to be proficient in the language in which they study and complete their assessments.

A qualification parchment is issued following successful completion of the two units.
The assessment may be taken in English, Welsh, Arabic, Mandarin or Russian. Other languages may be possible, please contact us for further information.

•	Examination registration
Students must be registered before they can take an examination. All examination registrations must be completed by an accredited course provider.

•	Examination entry confirmation
Once your course provider has registered you to an examination they will send you an Examination Entry Confirmation that includes your learner number and the regulations for you as a learner. The learner number is the only identification that you may use on your examination scripts – scripts must not include your name. 

The Examination Entry Confirmation is essential to gain entry to the examination room. You will need to show a form of photographic identification to the invigilator and then sign the Examination Entry Confirmation. Please contact your course provider if you have not received your Examination Entry Confirmation.

•	Examination dates
All examinations are held on a date chosen by your course provider. You should contact them for more information.

•	Examination Results
You will receive your results within 24 working days of sitting the examination. Once you have achieved a pass a qualification parchment will be issued. This is normally within 20 working days of the confirmation of the successful unit.

Target Audience

This qualification is for anyone who needs to gain a basic understanding of the principles of workplace health and safety. It's a health and safety qualification for beginners and no prior knowledge of the subject is required.

The qualification may be particularly relevant for:
•	Team leaders and supervisors
•	Facilities managers
•	Anyone wishing to ensure they work safely

It is a perfect introduction to the National and International General Certificates.

The qualification has relevance in the UK and internationally:
It covers the principles of health and safety, not UK specific law

It can be studied and assessed in multiple languages including:
•	English
•	Arabic 


Entry Requirements

																			1.	The registration form has to be filled and submitted along with a copy of the CPR.