NSC Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Instructor Course

Program code: NSCH2S

Course Outline

																		The H2S instructor course is a training program geared to safety, health, environmental, and management personnel who have responsibility for conducting H2S employee awareness training, but who may lack the training or experience to do so.  This course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to educate employers and employees on the hazards associated with H2S.
You will be involved in your own learning experience through interactive, instructional exercises.  Combined with information, these activities provide you with opportunities to apply newly learned skills and techniques for handling the safety inspection process.

Course Objectives

																		- Understand physical and chemical properties of H2S
- Implement Safe work procedures for hydrogen sulfide
- Detect and monitor H2S exposure.
- Recommend safe work practices
- Employee proper training techniques
- Compare your learning goals with the program goals, methods, and general content of the course.
- Establish a baseline measurement of your current knowledge, attitudes, and behavior toward H2S Training.


Class 2

Date & Time


Program Duration

24 Hours
3 Days


H2S-Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness


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