Emergency Preparedness - Facilitator : Sam Davidson

Program code: ASSP Workshop

Course Outline

																		This programme has been developed for all employers and employees interested or currently involved in the development of plans, organisation and processes for delivering an effective response to and recovery from emergencies, incidents or crisis events. The workshop is designed to provide the fundamentals for the introduction and development of a practical framework for the functionality and connectivity of a scalable Emergency Response, Incident and Crisis Management System in any market industry. Encompassing group discussion and practical exercises against feasible scenarios and lessons learned from case studies, the workshop will be interactive. Content and materials are based on an integrated ‘All Hazards’ approach to Incident Management within the context of the internationally accepted Incident Command System (ICS).


Course Objectives

• Explore the nature of ‘Emergency’, ‘Incident’ and ‘Crisis’ in the context of this workshop
• Introduce the framework, principles, philosophy, priorities and objectives of Emergency Response, Incident and Crisis Management
• Introduce the concept of an integrated ‘All Hazards’ approach to Incident Management 
• Introduce the Incident Management System (ICS based)
• Describe and discuss the Emergency Response, Incident and Crisis Management Infrastructures (organisation, roles, responsibilities and interfaces)
• Discuss the requirements for On-scene Command Posts and Emergency Response Centers
• Describe and discuss Emergency Response and Incident Management Processes, including; Notification & Activation, Information Management, Situational Awareness, Communication, Stakeholder Engagement
• Understanding the Planning for and executing the transition from Emergency Response into Crisis Management against a developing or protracted incident or event
• Gain understanding of, and discuss; Crisis Management and the Roles of the Crisis Management Team, including; Decision Making, Crisis Communication and Business Continuity


Course Content

• Working Definition of an ‘Emergency’, an ‘Incident’ and a ‘Crisis’
• ‘All Hazards’ Integrated Approach to Incident Management 
• Framework, Principles, Philosophy, Priorities and Objectives of Incident Management
• Incident Management System
• Incident Management Organisation
• Incident Management Processes
• Planning for, Managing and Recovery from Protracted Incidents
• Crisis Management
• The Importance of Business Continuity Planning


Assessment and Certification

On successful completion of the workshop, the participant will receive an attendance certificate from American Society of Safety Professionals. 

Target Audience

																		Employers, employees and existing Members of Emergency Response Team(s). (The current position of personnel in a Company or Business should not preclude them from this workshop)
• Senior Executives
• Facility Managers
• Functional Managers
• Process Operations Staff
• Health, Safety, Environment and Security Managers and Staff
• Business Continuity Managers
• Fire Professionals
• Members of Existing Response Organizations



Gulf Hotel- Awal Ballroom 2

Date & Time



Program Duration

16 Hours
2 Days


No Prerequisite


BHD 378.0 Convert to USD