Contractor Safety Management- Facilitator : Dr. Chit Lutchman

Program code: ASSP Workshop

Course Outline

Managing contractor safety can be an intensely difficult task, particularly as owners send mixed messages to contractors. As owners, we demand getting the job done quickly and safely while budgets are squeezed to the limits to manage cost, often at the expense of EH&S. 
Today owners are more invested than ever in improving the EH&S performance of contractors. This so because contractors perform on average ~80% of the work done on industrial and commercial work sites. More importantly, contractors are often hurt or killed in the workplace at a frequency 3-4 times that of employees. 
This workshop is designed to help personnel involved in managing contractor’s performance better understand the principles for improving EH&S performance. 
The principles discussed in this workshop are tried and tested and will deliver strong EH&S performance in any work environment. 

Course Objectives

The objectives of this workshop are to provide participants the following: 
• An overview of the Contractor Management Process
• An overview of the Contractor Safety Management Process
• An understanding of how to drive value from contractor pre-qualification
• Effective management principles for best contractor EH&S performance
      • EH&S Alignment workshop
      • Communicating the EH&S Expectation 
      • Leadership visibility and field availability
      • Listening moments
      • Hazards identification and Risk Management
      • Collaborative audits and inspections
•  Focusing on and stewarding the right measures – KPIs

Course Content

• Benefits of selecting contractors who perform safely. 
 • Legal implications associated with inadequate management of contractors. 
 • Early stage influence 
 • Safety in design 
 • Fundamental obligations for contractor health and safety performance. 
 • Good practice’ framework for selecting contractors 
 • Health and safety leadership 
 • Other measures that result in achieving project goals.


Assessment and Certification

On successful completion of the workshop, the participant will receive an attendance certificate from American Society of Safety Professionals.

Target Audience

Key participants and target audience include the following:
• Senior leaders including Vice Presidents and General Managers
• Supply Chain Managers and Team Members
• Construction and EPC Contracting Organizations
• Contractors – EH&S and field personnel
• Project management team members involved in leading and managing contractors
• EH&S leaders and team members



Royal & Tycoon MR- Westin

Date & Time



Program Duration

16 Hours
2 Days


No Prerequisite


BHD 378.0 Convert to USD