Conducting Effective Fire & Safety Inspections

Program code: ASSP Workshop

Course Outline

																		This workshop is for conducting effective safety and health inspections. It provides guidance on planning and designing them. Effective techniques for safety inspections, preparation of the reports on findings and management of recommendations are discussed. The seminar provides knowledge about the potential for hazardous conditions or unsafe acts and the fundamental concepts of fire, safety and health hazards and safeguards and controls needed to improve safety and loss prevention

Course Objectives

																		Learn the role of safety inspection in safety programs. Plan and design the safety audit.
• Evaluate written programs versus actual practices. Establish findings, prepare reports and make recommendations.
• Understand line management's responsibility and accountability for safety performance. 
• Identify numerous specific tools supervisors can use to improve safety of workers within their workplace.
• Learn methods and priorities of controlling industrial hazards including performing a Job Hazard Analysis and compliance with Work Permit Systems.


Course Content

																		The Safety Inspection workshop covers a broad range of safety material providing safety orientation to construction projects and operating facilities of oil, gas, petro-chemical & chemical industries, and fire & explosion, health and general safety hazards. The seminar includes detailed discussions on utilizing checklists for operators’ daily inspections, Planned Inspections, Supervisor’s General Inspections, Quarterly Inspections, Corporate Fire & Safety Reviews, Critical Item Inspections, Pre-Use Equipment Inspections, Sub-standard Conditions reporting, Planned Job Observations, and Inspection findings reporting & action item follow-ups.


Assessment and Certification

																		On successful completion of the workshop, the participant will receive an attendance certificate from American Society of Safety Professionals

Target Audience

																		The workshop is useful to safety & fire prevention engineers, construction, process & maintenance engineers, line management supervisors from operations, maintenance and engineering organizations, and safety coordinators of construction and contracting companies


Falcon 5&6- Gulf Hotel

Date & Time



Program Duration

16 Hours
8 Days


No Prerequisite


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