Industrial Qualification Functional Skills in English Entry Level 1

Program code: IQFSE1

Course Outline

																		This IQ FS Entry Level 1 course is intended to provide students with a foundation from which they can advance from Entry level 1 to Entry level 3. The course aims at helping learners achieve overall English language functional skills in Speaking, Listening, Communication, Reading and Writing by developing “Generative Language Use” to interact in a simple way and ask/answer simple questions.

Course Objectives

																		1.	Speaking, Listening and Communication:
•	Listen to a weather forecast and understand what is being said
•	Follow instructions for using a phone 
•	Role-play a situation which is controversial 
•	Discuss future plans 
•	Listen to instructions on how to perform a task that might need more clarity
2.	Reading:
•	Read text that uses words that are in context 
•	Read articles for sale 
•	Read paragraphs, information in leaflets, short explanations
3.	Writing:
•	Compose simple tasks 
•	Write simple sentences 
•	Write sentences beginning with ‘I’. 
•	Write name and address
•	Write the letters of the alphabet. 
•	Write days of the week
•	Numbers one through ten. 
•	Spell own names and addresses

Assessment and Certification

																		Upon completion of the course and assessment, successful participants will be rewarded Industrial Qualification Functional Skills Achievement Certificate.

Target Audience

																		Any Bahraini Jobseeker, 16 years or older is eligible for the scheme, they must not be enrolled in any form of formal education or any other Tamkeen program.

Any Bahraini Employee, 16 years or older, currently receiving a wage below BD 270, 350 or 400 (for high school, diploma and bachelor graduates respectively) is eligible for the scheme. They must not be enrolled in any form of formal education or any other Tamkeen programme.


Date & Time


8:00 - 12:00

Program Duration

45 Hours
12 Days


No Prerequisite


BHD 270.0 Convert to USD