IQ Functional Skills Qualification in English at Level 2

Program code: IQEL2

Course Outline

																		This IQ FS Entry Level 2 course is intended to build and further develop language proficiency from Entry level 2 to Entry level 3. The course aims at helping learners achieve overall English language functional skills in Speaking, Listening, Communication, Reading and Writing by developing “Social Language Functions” such as greeting people, asking about work and free time, and making invitations.

Course Objectives

																		       1. Speaking, Listening and Communication:
•	Listen to instructions on how to find a website. 
•	Make a telephone call and ask for information 
•	Discuss recent events that went well and didn’t go well 
•	Give an account of an incident 
•	Place an order 
•	Summarize a group discussion of a topic of interest 

 2. Reading:
•	Put a set of instructions in order
•	Know days of week and months
•	Practise reading articles, letters, and notes. 
•	Fill in the gaps in sentences using conjunctions 

  3. Writing:
•	Put words into alphabetical order 
•	Write short notes 
•	Email a message to a friend. 
•	Introduce how to use spell and grammar checker on a computer aid sentence 
•	Punctuate a piece of continuous text. 
•	Review own work for spelling and grammar 
•	Practice spelling by rote and using a computer to proof own work.
•	Write about events and information relevant to own experience 
•	Spell own name and address


Class 1

Date & Time



Program Duration

45 Hours
12 Days


No Prerequisite


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