IQ Functional Skills Qualification in English at Level 3

Program code: IQEL3

Course Outline

This IQ FS Entry Level 3 course is intended to build and further develop language proficiency from Entry level 3 to Level 1. The course aims at helping learners achieve overall English language functional skills in Speaking, Listening, Communication, Reading and Writing by developing conversational skills, expressing ideas, and helping learners deal with problems and situations where they meet unpredictable language. 

Course Objectives

1.	Speaking, Listening and Communication:
•	Listen for the gist of an explanation from a radio or TV clip and discuss with others 
•	Review a discussion from a TV clip and identify how the participants are feeling during the discussion from their body language
•	Verbal agreement during a discussion
•	Evaluate own body language during a discussion 
•	Prepare a response to a phone call 
•	Role-play the response with a partner 
•	Record a voice mail message
•	Take part in a telephone conversation using appropriate language
•	Evaluate the use of language in different types of TV 
•	Take part in a formal discussion

2.	Reading:
•	Read familiar content of more than one paragraph and highlight the main points
•	Find information from recipes, directions, route finder and use of equipment
•	Find information from a timetable to plan a journey
•	Use street maps to locate specific premises 
•	Use indexes to find content in manuals
•	Use the menu to find relevant information on a website
•	Skim read notices, information sheets, letters, and advertorials to find   the key information. 
•	Find times of a cinema performance

3.	Writing:
•	Write a personal email 
•	Plan and draft a continuous piece of text 
•	Put a piece of continuous writing into paragraphs 
•	Describe a process 
•	Use a ‘cut and paste’ option to re-order a set of instructions
•	Write an advert 
•	Change a text message to an email. 
•	Write a letter a formal letter which is grammatically correct, using a spell check and grammar check. 
•	Describe an experience using the past tense. 
•	Describe a forthcoming celebration in the future tense
•	Proofread own written work and the work of others. 
•	Use computer aids to proof read work 
•	Proof read and correct work for spelling, grammar and punctuation
•	Use dictionaries, computer spell and grammar checker, glossary of terms

Assessment and Certification

Upon completion of the course and assessment, successful participants will be rewarded Industrial Qualification Functional Skills Achievement Certificate.

Target Audience

Any Bahraini Jobseeker, 16 years or older is eligible for the scheme, they must not be enrolled in any form of formal education or any other Tamkeen program.
Any Bahraini Employee, 16 years or older, currently receiving a wage below BD 270, 350 or 400 (for high school, diploma and bachelor graduates respectively) is eligible for the scheme. They must not be enrolled in any form of formal education or any other Tamkeen programme.


Class 2

Date & Time



Program Duration

45 Hours
12 Days


No Prerequisite


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