Supervisory Safety Development Program (ASSP)

Program code: SSDP

Course Outline

																		The new National Safety Council Supervisors’ Safety Development Program (SSDP) trains supervisors and managers to incorporate best safety practices into their daily management activities. Supervisors will acquire the knowledge, leadership skills and methods to apply safety as part of their responsibilities and become your most effective safety leaders and advocates.

Course Objectives

-	Introduce participants to the advantages of effective safety management for the organisation and for the supervisor
-	Demonstrate how effective communication is essential to the success of any safety and health program
-	Discuss the role effective safety and health training and job orientation training play in successful organisations.
-	Introduce participants to employee involvement strategies that promote safety and health in the workplace.
-	Teach participants why formal inspections of safety and health practices are crucial to continues improvement.
-	Introduce participants to effective incident investigation techniques that pertain to their roles and responsibilities as a supervisor.
-	Describe how to recocognise potential health and physical hazards that pertain to the roles and responsibilities of supervisors.
-	Enable participants to more effectively carry out their role as supervisor in regard to the personal protective equipment program at this facility.
-	Introduce the basic principles of ergonomics, including several ways to detect and control or eliminate potential problems.
-	Introduce participants to chemical hazards in the workplace and to the roles and responsibilities of supervisors in protecting themselves and their co-
        workers from injury and illness.
-	Present regulatory issues that pertain to the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor.
-	Introduce mechanical hazards and ways to address them using machine safeguards.
-	Present hand tool safety considerations that pertain to the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor.
-	Familiarize participants with the hazards and costs of materials handling incidents.
-	Describe how to recognize basic electrical hazards and encourage safe practices around electricity.
-	Describe how to prevent fires by recognizing fire hazards.                                                                                                                                                                                       	-	Find out what role a supervisor can play in an effective safety management system
-	Learn to use communication techniques that to help them more effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities as a supervisor.
-	Understanding the supervisors’ roles and responsibilities.
-	Carry out their roles and responsibilities as supervisors.
-	Learn how to conduct effective investigations and how to analyse reports in order to develop and complete corrective actions that help prevent future 
-	Learn key terms and related to industrial hygiene, as well as ways to control or eliminate hazards.
-	Increase awareness of why and where PPE should be used and offer ways to overcome objections to using it.
-	Learn how to protect against hazards caused by moving machine parts and how to overcome objections to the use of machine safeguards.
-	Discover safe procedures and the cause of the most incidents with tools.
-	Find out how to control or eliminate hazards associated with hand tools and portable power tools.
-	Learn materials handling techniques that can help them more effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities as supervisor.
-	Discover the importance of electrical safety and the supervisor’s roles and responsibilities in fostering electrical safety.	Assessment is in the form of a quiz 
       at the end of each module and a final test at the end of the training.

Course Content

																		-	Safety Management
-	Communication
-	Safety and health training
-	Employee involvement
-	Safety and health inspections
-	Incident investigation
-	Industrial hygiene
-	Personal protective equipment
-	Ergonomics
-	Hazard communication
-	Regulatory issues
-	Machine safeguarding
-	Hand tools and portable power storage
-	Electrical safety
-	Fire safety


Downtown Rotana- Meeting plus 1

Date & Time


8:00 - 15:00

Program Duration

35 Hours
5 Days


No Prerequisite


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