NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work

Program code: NIENVA

Course Outline

The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification provides a useful introduction to environmental issues at work. It highlights the role workers can play in improving organizational environmental performance and will aid understanding of environmental impacts and risk control. It meets the training requirement for organizations implementing ISO 14001.
It is accessible to all. No prior knowledge is required, and the content is relevant wherever you work around the world.
There is also the option to add content relevant to the environmental impacts and issues faced by a company or sector.
The qualification is an ideal first step towards progressing to the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management, which provides a more extensive and practical understanding of environmental management in the workplace.
Our qualifications are developed based on extensive research with health and safety professionals, employers, professional bodies and regulators to ensure that they remain relevant, rigorous as well as achievable and practical.
You will be assessed on your ability to apply your skills and knowledge to a wide range of issues and how to deliver positive change to a real workplace.


Course Objectives

The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work qualification is designed to cover a range of issues affecting the global environment.

Topics include:
•	Basic environmental terms and their meaning
•	Sources, impacts and controls of air, water, noise and land pollution
•	Dealing with environmental emergencies
•	Introducing environmental impact (risk) assessments
•	Introduction to Environmental Management Systems 


Course Content

Normally one day in length, the course covers basic environmental awareness and practices essential in the workplace. Topics include:

•	The meanings of basic environmental terms
•	Importance and benefits of sustainable development
•	The individual's role in a certified Environmental Management System (EMS)
•	Air, water and land pollution
•	Dealing with emergencies

The syllabus is mapped to the environmental awareness and management published by Lantra. 

Further details can be found in the syllabus guide which can be found in:


Assessment and Certification

Students are assessed by a multiple-choice examination consisting of 20 questions over a 30-minute duration.
Students need to be proficient in the language in which they study and complete their assessments.
A qualification parchment will be sent following successful completion of the examination.

•	Examination registration
Learners must be registered before they can take an examination. All examination registrations must be completed by an accredited learning partner.

•	Examination entry confirmation
Once your learning partner has registered you to an examination, they will send you an Examination Entry Confirmation that includes your learner number and the regulations for you as a learner. The learner number is the only identification that you may use on your examination scripts – scripts must not include your name. 

The Examination Entry Confirmation is essential to gain entry to the examination room. You will need to show a form of photographic identification to the invigilator and then sign the Examination Entry Confirmation. Please contact your course provider if you have not received your Examination Entry Confirmation.

•	Examination dates 
All examinations are held on a date chosen by your learning partner. You should contact them for more information.

•	Examination results
You will receive your results within 15 working days of sitting the examination. Once you have achieved a pass a qualification parchment will be issued. This is normally within 20 working days of the confirmation of the successful unit.

Target Audience

This qualification is for anyone who needs to gain a basic understanding of environmental impacts and risk control. It provides an introduction to implementing ISO 14001.
It is an environmental qualification for students with no prior knowledge of the subject required.
The qualification has global relevance and covers the principles of environmental management, not UK specific law. It may be particularly relevant for:
•	Team leaders and supervisors
•	Facilities managers
•	Anyone wishing to ensure they work positively with regard to the environment

It can be studied and assessed in English and Arabic. 


Entry Requirements

																		No specific entry requirements are needed. For the courses that are delivered in English, trainees must meet necessary standards of English language. The minimum age for learners in this qualification is 14.
1.	The registration form has to be filled and submitted along with a copy of the CPR.


Class 2

Date & Time


8:00 - 16:00

Program Duration

8 Hours
1 Days


No Prerequisite


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