IOSH Certificate in Safety and Health for Business

Program code: IOSHCSHB

Course Outline

The Ofqual-regulated IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business has been developed in response to business trends and feedback from employers, trainers and experienced practitioners. No other safety and health qualification offers both a business and a technical focus. With
an emphasis on delivering tangible benefits for organisations, the qualification takes a more strategic approach to safety and health. As well as providing a technical overview of safety and health, this qualification addresses current issues demanded by employers, including how to drive programmes of cultural change. It is also includes new pioneering content such as managing uncertainty and how organisations can adapt to long-term ‘megatrends’ affecting the safety of the workplace. In addition, there is a strong focus on health and wellbeing, including health hazards, health assessment, global  health trends and good practice.

Course Objectives

• Understand their own safety and health responsibilities to self and others within the organisation
• Understand how to identify and control risks and hazards within an organization
• Understand how to plan, monitor, measure and review safety and health performance
• Understand the different types of safety and health procedures and safe working practices in an organization
• Understand how to identify and plan specific training requirements and continuous professional
• Understand what is meant by culture within an organization
• Understand human failure in an organization
• Understand safety culture in an organization
• Understand the techniques that can be used to improve a safety culture within an organisation
• Understand the main functions and aims of an organization
• Understand how strategic drivers affect how an organisation operates
• Understand how safety and health practices create value for organisations
• Understand how safety and health impacts the functions of an organisation

Course Content

Learners who achieve this qualification will have greater credibility and confidence when talking to senior management about safety and health in business.

This qualification will also:
provide a route to IOSH membership, enabling access to a multitude of benefits, including IOSH Blueprint and CPD
provide an understanding of organisational culture and techniques that can help develop a safety culture in the workplace
open doors for those looking to progress into the safety and health profession.

This qualification includes several units: 
Unit 1: Safety and health management in an organisation.Focused on the value of workplace health and well-being, including health hazards, safety hazards, health assessment, global trends and good practice, including CPD.

Unit 2: How to influence a safety and health culture within an organisation. Going beyond compliance, this unit gives insights into and teaches ways of delivering positive safety culture change, tackling behavioural and operational challenges to boost business performance and strengthen corporate governance.

Unit 3: A strategic, business-focused approach to safety and health. This unit explores organisations, their functions and how to effectively influence success. This includes topics such as accountability, ethics, compliance, managing uncertainty, and other long term strategic megatrends affecting modern business.

Assessment and Certification

Successful completion of this course will receive IOSH working safely certificate and will enable delegates to apply for Associate or Technical IOSH membership. 

By means of assignments to implement an enhanced safety and health management system within their organization, analyses the main functions and aims of an organisation and how strategic drivers affect its operation. Candidates are also expected to complete a project researching organisational health and safety culture. 

Units assessments are as follow: 
•   Unit 1: Safety and health management in an organisation: Develop and write a business case. 
•   Unit 2: How to influence a safety and health culture within an organisation: Research project. 
•   Unit 3: A strategic, business-focused approach to safety and health: Develop and deliver a presentation

Target Audience

•	Managers. 
•	Supervisors. 
•	Up-and-coming safety and health professionals


Entry Requirements

																		1.	Applicants must complete IOSH Managing Safely
2.	Applicants must meet necessary standards of English language.



Class 1

Date & Time



Program Duration

60 Hours
16 Days


No Prerequisite


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