Level 3 Award for Solar PV Installer and Operator

Program code: L3SPV

Course Outline

																		The NOCN Level 3 Award qualification is vocationally based and as such, offers the opportunity
for learners to demonstrate an achievement of practical skills, understanding and knowledge,
and will provide learners with a comprehensive background into crucial stages of installation,
commissioning, and operation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic systems, as well as the
practical experience and supporting information to enable them progression to employment.

Course Objectives

																		Learning Outcomes
• Understand the fundamental concepts relevant to solar PV systems
• Understand the purpose of pre-installation site visits
• Understand the installation of different components of a solar PV system
• Perform practical installation of small-scale solar PV system
• Understand the requirements and procedures of pre-commissioning testing
• Understand the commissioning of solar PV system
• Understand official handover of solar PV system
• Perform the commissioning tests on small-scale solar PV system
• Understand the importance and types of operation and maintenance (O&M)
• Understand the requirements of reporting and documentation
• Perform practical O&M of a small-scale solar PV system

Course Content

																		The NOCN Level 3 Award consists of three (3) mandatory components.
• Component 1: Installation of Solar PV Systems
• Component 2: Commissioning of Solar PV Systems
• Component 3: Commissioning of Solar PV Systems

Assessment and Certification

																		The qualification is assessed through 3 observed practical tasks and a multiple choice
knowledge assessment.
To achieve this qualification, a learner must provide evidence of learning and
achievement as detailed on each of the components. Upon successful completion of
the course candidate will receive a Level 3 Award for Solar PV Installer and Operator
from UK NOCN

Target Audience

																		Engineers and Technicians as well as job seekers. 


Entry Requirements

																		The learners should be with a background in electrical, mechanical, civil and energy professionals or those in their last year of study in above related fields

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Class 1

Date & Time



Program Duration

80 Hours
14 Days


No Prerequisite


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